Who the hell signed me up for this?

             Hi there. Welcome.

I’d like to begin with my first true Life is Funny Tale or (LIFT).   I figure everyone needs a little (LIFT) now and again.

At a beauty shop, somewhere in Fargo about 10 years ago, during the fall of the year, a mother was getting her haircut. She shared a story about her son John on his first day of first grade. He had enjoyed a good morning. Then the class went to lunch. As they returned from the cafeteria, everyone went back into the classroom, except for John. He chose not to follow the crowd.

Instead John bypassed the door and headed to his locker. He was relieved it was time to go home. As he began to get his things out of his locker, his teacher approached.

Teacher: John, what’s up? Are you okay?

John: Yes, I’m just getting my coat since it’s time to go home.

Teacher: Remember, in first grade we spend a full day at school.

John: What?!

Teacher: We come back after lunch and spend another half day learning.

John: I don’t think so.

Teacher: Yes, that’s just the way it is, John.

John: Who in the hell signed me up for this?


Have you ever felt compelled to ask a similar question when something surprising or upsetting happened in your life?

I know I have. Especially during times when it has felt as though I was being pushed through a keyhole at 60 miles per hour. I’ve asked questions and haven’t been aware that I received an answer. Other times, I’ve asked a question and gotten an almost immediate response. Here is an example of one such time.

In 2002, I was in a full-blown crisis. I was heading into a divorce, with 3 young kids (18 mo., 7 & 11). I was experiencing physical health issues causing extreme pain, including debilitating migraines.

Financial concerns, clinical depression, and a very low self-esteem were just a few additional morsels on my full plate. I lacked the confidence in my ability to make it as a single mom. But I knew that staying was not the healthy option for any of us.

I hoped for a miracle. What I received a few days later was the miracle of hope. Nothing about my physical circumstances changed with this gift of this awareness. Although a shift in my perspective miraculously allowed me to see my life from a pure spiritual perspective. Suddenly, I had the ability to see myself, other’s and life through the eyes of the divine’s pink lens of love.

This happened while I was driving to Minneapolis to visit my mom and sister during this difficult period in my life. I had set out asking for a plan to help me redefine the overwhelming situation so it felt unmanageable. In that time alone in my car, my life redivined itself from the inside out.

I refer to big spiritual awareness’s as Grand Re-Opening events. When we open ourselves up to higher guidance and support by simply asking for what we need and trusting that an answer will be provided. This is what creates the space for providence to play out in our lives.

After we send out an invitation for help, paying attention to what comes is vitally important. For me, answers have come in many forms. Whether it’s a sense of knowing, a message is communicated to me by something someone says, lyrics from song, an excerpt of a book, a license plate, billboard, occurrence in nature, the universal delivery system is playful and efficient.

The road trip to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota to visit my mom was the first chance I had to be alone in quite some time. I thought it would be fun to take a creative detour. Recently, I had seen that Oprah’s 50thBirthday was on the horizon. So, I decided to throw caution to the wind and plan this milestone birthday for her. This evolved woman had hosted and attended the most glamorous events on the planet. No pressure.

What experience would be the most meaningful to her? Hmm. When I had, some difficulty coming up with an idea I opened the question up to, “what experience or gift would make the biggest and most positive impact on any of our lives?”

After a few moments of silence, the words self-acceptance came to mind. But self-acceptance is something you can only give yourself I thought. As I considered the context of what self-acceptance meant, it lead me to the realization that the ultimate gift any of us can give and/or receive is the celebration of self.

Yikes. This little detour was taking me down a rabbit hole by forcing me to consider just how full my self-worth tank was. And if I was honest, I had to admit that that tank was close to E in that moment. Did I really dislike myself? Or had I simply bought into other people’s negative opinion of me? And how long was I willing to continue to accept other people’s harsh judgments of me as my truth?

A few days earlier I sent out an S.O.S (sign of spirit) and spirit answered in a big way. When we show up and participate in the spiritual part of life, we are rewarded with feelings of connection, playfulness, and anticipation.

And the answer to the question, “who the hell signed me up for this life experience including the divorce and all the struggle?” was I did. An invitation to attend the celebration of my lifetime was sent to me by the Divine Host (higher power/wise self) prior to my birth.

I sent in my RSVP for one body, mind, and spirit. My invitation looked something like this.

The honor of your (mind, body & spiritual) Presence has been requested.

Who: Divine Host (higher power/wise self) & Co-hosted with Mother Nature (universe)

What: Event of a Lifetime

WhenStarts: April 3, 1963          Ends: TBD *small   print: It’s a mystery/surprise theme party

Where: Milky Way Galaxy, Planet Earth, Northern Hemisphere, North American Continent, United States of America, North Dakota, Fargo, St. John’s Hospital.

Why: To realize and share the gifts only you brought to share. This experience is intended to be joyful, meaningful, and purposeful celebration.

BYOU (bring you/bring your own u)


 Fast Forward to April 3, 1963…just moments before I made my debut.

I recall feeling somewhat ready to make my debut early in the morning. But I must admit, after hearing my dad yell at my mom yet again, it had me feeling that staying in utero a bit longer might be in my best interest. But I’m so excited to me my mom!

My mom woke up having contractions but they weren’t going anywhere because an April blizzard had caused snow and ice to freeze my parent’s front door shut at #49 Bison Courts. They lived in married student housing on the campus of North Dakota State University, home of The Bison.

Fortunately, two Fargo Police Officers were kind enough to answer the call for help. They shoveled us out and chipped through the thick layer of ice to get the front door open. Then they drove my mother and I to St. John’s Hospital, where my mom was employed as an operating room nurse. My dad followed behind in his car.

The car ride lulled me back into feeling that maybe now was the perfect time to make my debut. Just what the officers were hoping, to bring some baby into the world in their police car during the spring blizzard. But it was so warm where I was…

What would it hurt to wait several more hours to make my debut? As soon as mom arrived at the hospital around 9 AM, labor stopped. Since my mom was already at work, she punched in for a shift.

However, at approximately 3:30 pm, she punched out from work, climbed onto a hospital bed and about 30 minutes later I was in her arms! I was a bit battered and bruised from a rough journey through the birth canal. I came out face down (aka. posterior), weighing in at 5 pounds 11 ounces, fashionable dressed in my nude colored birthday suit. My parents then gave me my first name-tag: HELLO MY NAME IS Maureen Ann Day.

*Humorous side note (for everyone but my mom)

The announcement in the Fargo Forum Newspaper announcing my birth said that a 49-year old woman, living at #23 Bison Court gave birth to a baby girl. My mother was 23 and we lived at #49 Bison Court. This copy error resulted in my mother renaming the Fargo Forum, The Fargo Fool’em.


 Fast forward to Saturday, March 27, 2017.

My birth story parallels a good portion of my life.

I compare the yelling and screaming from close relationships, many storms I’ve weathered, and being the beneficiary of kindness, love and assistance from others. I’ve felt bruised, battered & scared to the point that I wondered if I would make it. Somehow, I always did.

It has been my intuition, my 7th sense (of humor), the grace and goodwill of others and my desire to be there for my kids that helped me to RSVP to each new day. I have woken up most mornings with the intention of realizing my gifts so I could share them with the world. I’ve had to work through feelings of unworthiness to gain the courage to share my gifts and accept the gifts bestowed to me. The Divine Host, our co-host Mother Nature have, been most gracious. The gratitude I feel for both the earthly and divine support that helped me get to this moment is immeasurable.

Thank you for attending my blog. By showing up today, you are participating in this epic Gift Exchange we share with one another. We don’t even have to meet in person. All you need to do is simply RSVP to your own life. Show up with the intentions to be fully present and willing to participate in mind, body, and spirit.

By sharing who you are authentically in this way, you attend The Cosmic Gig, the celebration of those here physically, those here only in spirit). The main event is the Gift Exchange. The energy created by this exchange of love, kindness, affirmation, being a true witness to another’s gifts, showing compassion and acceptance of others. It is these exchanges that connects us, united us, and sustain us.

I believe whole-heartedly that the honor of your attendance was requested prior to your birth. You too, made your debut into this earthly experience as you.

Your invitation, birth story and gifts are unique to mine. Every one of the 7 billion attendees we share this venue Earth with are the embodiment of the celebration of their soul. You are to be celebrated and live the celebration of you your life was intended. Any mistakes you made were most likely the result of you not understanding or believing in your value.

We don’t have to wait for our circumstances to change to gain a fresh perspective about who we are or what we face in life. Intend to see yourself and life through the divine’s pink lens of love. Let go of the devil’s advocates’ opinion. Every act of love we express to our self, others and our earth benefits the entire guest list.

Each of us does the best we can in each moment with the resources we (realize we) have available. You are enough, always have been, and always will be.

I hope to help you see your life, as a celebration and that you’re worthy of being celebrated. I truly believe that if you can apply the same loving intentions to the way you plan and live your life as you’ve done planning events for friends and family, you’ll earn the ultimate party favor of all, the experience of the heaven on earth theme event.

I’ve only spent a short time there, but I must say it was quite divine. For many years, I allowed my life circumstances, perceived setbacks of all kinds, and the way others treated me to define my value as a human being. I thought my value was based on what I did for others instead of who I was, as I was.

I hope you will choose to show here every MonDay. My nickname is Mo, my maiden name is Day and I felt that I could commit to a weekly blog. So, Monday’s it.

We will talk about life, love, our relationship with self, others, and our natural environment, event planning, Feng Shui, home staging, art, creativity. Feeling at home with where you live and who you will be the primary focus of this blog.

Yes, life can be a struggle at times. However, when we intend to recognize all there is to celebrate about our self, others, and our life circumstances, we will see it 100% of the time. Why? Because every event contains blessings and lessons (blessons). We learn through fear/pain, and joy/love. We may prefer one experience to the other, it is important to remember that the event of our lifetime experience is more about evolving and growing to a higher level of consciousness than it is simply to have fun.

The Buddha wisely said, “pain is not punishment, pleasure is not reward, what is, is.”

I encourage you to see yourself, your life, other’s and your circumstances through the divine eyes of love.

Miracles, Manifestation, Mirth and Magic ALL happen in the gift of the present moment.

Till next week…

Enjoy all the blessings coming your way,