Now is a good time to come to your senses.

Years ago, while I was getting an acupressure treatment from my friend, Ted Tang, a Chinese healer, he said, The only way to truly have full sight is to look to the east and to the west for guidance. What he said felt true then and it has continued to feel true, two decades later. Acupressure, Acupuncture, Tai Chi Chih, and Feng Shui are all practices that have helped me heal. In fact, the kind of Feng Shui that I practice, which Grand Master Lin Yun brought from China to the USA in the 1980’s is influenced by the wests belief in the importance intention and intuition play in our lives. In BTB Feng Shui, intuition is believed to override any Feng Shui adjustment or recommendation.

In every moment, our senses invite us to experience all the best this gig has to offer in our own unique way.

And the information regarding our perceptions and preferences is just the type of information we gather when planning a celebration in honor of a loved one. However, this time, you’re the guest of honor and you’re the loved one. Self-awareness helps us understand what motivates us, what we desire and ultimately what we have to share with others. For now, we’re just in the gathering phase. There will be plenty of time to assess our findings later when we get to the creative process.

Grab a writing utensil and paper so you can capture the awareness’s that may come to mind as we travel down sensory lane. Let’s be in the energy of water, wood, fire, earth, metal and sky. And if and when awareness arises into your consciousness, feel free to write it down.

1st Sense of Sight – Our Divine Hosts aesthetic design of our shared venue, earth is something to behold. There are several decorative and life-enhancing elements that I’d like to talk about. The first is the sun. In addition to being vital to our survival, the sun enhances our level of enjoyment of life simply by shining. It promotes the entertainment value of our experiences in countless ways and supports our ability to cope when we’re struggling to find our way out of the darkness.

Sunrises, sunsets, sundogs, rainbows, photosynthesis, pollination, there is so much to be grateful for when it comes to the largest star in our solar system.

The Sun represents Yang chi, (male energy), the element of fire, day, hot and bursts of energy.

Q: What do you most love visually about our venue earth? When you close your eyes, what image comes to mind? Describe what your life looks like, home, appearance, and car? What do you have to be grateful for? What do you desire in your life now visually?

Using the Suns power for good

The next time you step outside and are warmly greeted by the sun, close your eyes, lift your face toward the light. Breathe in the warmth through your nose as you imagine your entire body filling up with the healing energy of divine light and love. Hold it for the count of 3, and then breathe out through your mouth as you intend to release any and all negativity from your body and mind. This sun salutation can be done anytime, anywhere and for any reason as long as the sun is shining.

Our moon is one gorgeous celestial body that has a big impact on our environment. It’s gravitational pull impacts the ocean tides. And because the earth and our bodies are both made up of over 70% water, we too are influenced by Luna’s presence.

The moon represents Yin chi (female energy), darkness, cold, night, water, support and sustained energy. The relationship between the sun and the moon shows just how critical the balance of energy is for harmony to exist.

In 2008, I was in Seattle, Washington, becoming an Accredited Staging Professional with, created by Barb Schwarz. While attending the training, I was fortunate to be able to stay with my friend Laurel, her husband Pat and their 2 sons. I had been there about 5 days and Laurel and I had been driving through the wooded lined roads as she showed me around. Laurel said she needed to stop at the grocery story. When we pulled into this giant parking lot, I greeted by the biggest, most awesome full moon I’d ever seen.

I said with great joy and enthusiasm, “Hey, Laurel look, there’s the moon!” Laurel just looked at me for a moment, like only a friend that thinks your crazy can, and we both laughed. Coming from the open prairie of the Midwest, where a view of the horizon happens multiple times a week, if not daily, I realized in that moment just how tight my relationship is with the moon.

Use moon power for good.

You can use the power of the moon to your advantage. Put a ring (preferably with a stone in it), a multi-faceted crystal, or any important symbol you want to positively energize on a window ledge so it can absorb the energy of a full moon. Then hold your hands in a mudra (prayer, open to receive, heart) and call up the joy you’d feel if your moon wish came true. Then say the six magic words, Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hom, 9 times. This exercise brings your speech (mantra), body (mudra), heart (feelings of manifested desire), together with the divine + your intention + mother nature, which you’ll now associate in the tangible moon kissed symbol you activated with this blessing. Because the divine always knows best, it’s wise to always end with, “this or something better.”

The twinkling lights of the stars have been wished upon prayed to and used for guidance since the beginning of civilization. On a clear night away from city lights you can look up and marvel at their beauty and like many of the earth’s features, your life can instantly be put in perspective. Stardust is sprinkled down just to create more ambiance for the heaven on earth theme party we’re here to enjoy.

You can look out your window and most likely appreciate the beauty that trees, shrubs and plants offer us. With the diverse colors sustenance & infinite resources they bring to our life. Think about your home, furniture, books, what’s in your wallet, what you ate for lunch? The gifts of trees and the plant kingdom are many. If you’ve needed to breathe lately, then you most likely appreciate the oxygen they share with us. Without trees, plants and shrubs, we would not exist.

Using tree power for good.

When you feel weak, tired, rejected, spineless, lonely, alone, poor or ill, one of the most powerful things you can do is stand amongst a grouping of trees. Symbolically, trees represent how there is strength in numbers. Pick a tree you feel drawn to. First lean your back up against the tree, aligning your spine with the trunk of the tree.

Stretch tall and lean in. Allow the tree to take some of the weight of your feet. Now ask the tree to share it’s strength, stability, prosperity and healing with you. Picture the energy flowing from the tree into your spine and central nervous system as you exchange your gratitude with the tree.

If you can’t get outside, close your eyes and imagine this guided imagery.

If you’ve had the pleasure of standing near any larger body of water, you’ve likely felt feelings of expansiveness as you looked out toward the horizon, where sky meets water. It’s not surprising that 50% of the world’s population lives on a coastline. The habitat around water is a lovely sight to be seen and appreciated. Without clean, flowing water, life ceases to exist.

Use water power for good.

When you are in the bath or taking a shower, imagine that you are being showered with abundance, or that you’re soaking in all that your body needs to heal, rejuvenate and feel at ease. Then intend for anything that does not serve your higher good to go down the drain to be transformed into new life as you express your appreciation to the restorative powers and life giving nature of the element of water.

2nd Sense of HearingIt’s no surprise how relaxing it can be to listen to the sounds of Mother Nature. The wind, rustling the trees, the sounds of moving water and wild life is music to the soul. Most of us have been some place where the sounds of nature are being played to create a relaxing environment indoors. Whether it’s the sound of the wind, a thunderstorm, or a water fall, mother nature constantly invites us remember that in this moment, we are part of something much bigger than ourselves.

How does your sense of hearing improve your experience? Do you have a favorite type of music? Do you prefer silence? How does your life sound in this moment? What do you desire your life to sound like?

Use wind power for good.

Find a safe, comfortable place to sit outside when there’s breeze. Sit with the wind blowing against your back or face. You might want to cover your ears with a scarf or hat if your ears are sensitive to the wind like mine. Now imagine the wind blowing through you, moving all negativity and/or dis-ease through and out the other side of your body.

Intend to be left with your true essence and any awareness, ideas, insights meant for you. Breathe with the wind as you feel love and wisdom blowing in and any fear and limiting beliefs blowing out to be transformed into new life.

I remember one night when the wind came to our rescue. My youngest son Jackson was feeling very anxious to the point that he wondered if I should take him somewhere to get professional help. He felt like he couldn’t breathe. At the time he was trying to recalibrate after a significant amount of change.

We moved, which seemed to escalate the bullying he was experiencing. We needed to find another home for our dog Dayz. Our cat Angel died after being hit by a car. His grandpa had recently died, his dad had recently gotten engaged and his older brother Harrison had moved away to college. After talking about what would happen if we went to the hospital, he chose to stay home and wondered what I could do to help him.

I was at a loss, but fortunately, Mother Nature is always prepared to offer solace. So we bundled up and sat outside on our loveseat and asked the mighty wind to take our worries, pain and problems with her and transform them into love. After about 9 minutes, he had relaxed into me and wanted to go to bed. It’s a fond memory that I’m grateful he gave me permission to share. Anytime you have something you want to catch or release, just ask the mighty wind to blow you away with her magic.

3rd Sense of TasteThe food and beverage menu is one of the factors believed to make or break a party. More than that, what we eat influences our health, our energy level, how we look, how we think, how we function and relate with others and how we feel physically and emotionally. If we could just peel back our complex relationship with food and acknowledge that our body is our souls venue. It needs, desires and deserves the nutrition required to help you be the best you can be, so you can share your gifts with the world.

By intending to eat food in a variety of colors, flavors and textures, fresh, natural unprocessed (organic if you have the budget) fruits, vegetables, clean proteins, you will do your body a whole lot of good. Foods have medicinal qualities and can help prevent illness and support healing.

There are some very wise people to follow when it comes to honoring your sense of taste. Dr. Andrew Weil, Dr. Sarah Gottfried, Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay to name a few.

When it comes to food, it’s wise to follow the guidance used in the advertising industry, KISS (keep is simple student). If you take sugar out of your diet for even 3 months and then eat a carrot or a red pepper, you wouldn’t believe how sweet they are. Nature gives us sugar to satisfy our sweet tooth, but in foods that are healthful. You know what your weaknesses are. Pick just one of them and replace it with a healthier option.

I beat my addiction to Coca Cola by replacing my desire for carbonation without all the sugar with soda water or mineral waters with a lime or lemon.

What do you prefer when it comes to your sense of taste? What is your favorite food and beverage? What is one positive, healthy substitution you could make in your diet? What are you aware of regarding your relationship with food?

 4th Sense of SmellOur sense of smell enhances our life, supports healing, and connects us to memories via our limbic system. Our Divine Host incorporated aromatic brilliance into our every day experience. No matter where you live, there are smells. Some pleasant, others not so much, some we recognize, others will be new to us. Regardless, with out the sense of smell, your sense of taste would be limited and life would be bland.

My favorite smells are eucalyptus, lilacs, sandalwood, rosemary and coriander because it reminds me of my mum. I like the smell of Sampson, our terrier, the smell outside after a rain, and the smell of a clean house with fresh air blowing in through the windows. I always loved the smell of my kid’s hair after they’d been playing outside on a sunny day.

It’s your venue. What does your life smell like? What are your favorite scents? i.e. food, coffee, flowers, plants, essential oils, incense, fresh air, the ocean or lake, forest or woods, a campfire, earthy or musky, a sculpture or art (paint, clay, blank paper)? Are there smells that remind you of people or experiences? What smell are you aware of in this moment? What smell makes you feel happy, relaxed, energized? What comes to mind when you think about your nose, which always knows?

5th Sense of TouchMother Nature provides a tactile person everything they could ask for and more. When you consider all the amazing textures we come in contact with throughout our day. And they can all be traced back to an offering from our natural environment, animal or plant kingdom.

I’m a very affectionate person. I don’t know how long I’d last without a hug or physical contact from another human being. Have you ever had the pleasure of spooning with your family dog? I highly recommend it. After I left my marriage, I snuggled with my golden lab Lambert and it was like a natural sedative for me.

If you desire more affection and it isn’t accessible through human touch, lie down in the grass on a sunny day and absorb the energy of the earth, go for a swim, walk in the mud or massage your scalp in the shower. Soak your feet or body in warm sea salt water. Volunteer at the hospital or nursing home to hold an infant or someone’s hand. If you can afford it, treat yourself to a professional massage. When we give what we most need, the universe finds a lot of ways to give back.

What does your life feel like? What fabric do you prefer to have against your skin? What kind of animal or plant was used to make the fabrics you most appreciate? What do you desire experiencing when it comes to the sense of touch? What are you aware of now regarding the sense of touch? What would you most desire when it comes to touch?

6th Sense of IntuitionMany people believe that the 6th Sense is one that only a gifted few are blessed with. My experience has me believing that it’s available to everyone. When you get quiet and listen, you’ll receive guidance. Intuition is like a muscle. It gets more developed with use. Kids who grew up in a violent home often get a keener sense of awareness because they felt they needed to stay on high alert of their surroundings. Many of the personal stories I share with you show how my intuition has guided me, protected me and enhanced my life in many meaningful ways.

In fact, intuition can save your life when you listen to it. I can recall several times when my intuition protected me. In the midst of a busy day running errands, distracted as I pulled off the highway. I recall pulling up to a red light. I waited for what seemed like a long time until the light turned green. After it turned green, and I attempt to go, my foot felt frozen, so much so that I felt unable to step on the gas.

I looked in my rear view mirror and saw the cars piling up behind me as they came off the interstate. The car behind me was honking at me to go.

Suddenly, a large truck sped through the intersection, running a red light. I would have been hit broadside on the driver’s side. Not sure how much time lapsed, but staying calm and trusting while I felt uncomfortable not understanding what was happening, saved my life.

Would you say you are perceptive when it comes to your gut reactions? What do you desire in regards to intuition in this moment? What are you aware of now?

7th Sense of HumorMy sense of humor has been a powerful coping mechanism for me throughout my life. It’s been a release when I was stressed, it has relaxed uncomfortable situations, helped me not take myself so seriously and the list goes on. My friend Cheryl says my sense of humor is the deadly combination of physical comedy meets irreverence.

I’d have to agree. A former (and all-time favorite) boss, Virginia, who is extremely witty, used to say; “We’re all here for Mo’s amusement.” Whether it was a tension between people I found funny or a mild injury, or someone stating the obvious to me or describing a time they were injured in a lot of detail or imitated me, let me say here and now I am sorry for laughing at anyone’s pain. Being appropriate when there’s a mishap is not my strong suit, but I have improved a lot.

How would you describe your sense of humor? Do you laugh often? How can you bring more levity into your life? What do you desire when it comes to your funny bone being tickled? What are you aware of regarding your sense of humor?

This breathtaking natural world we are fortunate to call home brings us together as ONE body. We are not in control of Mother Nature’s whims. She doesn’t need us, however, we cannot survive without her. She’s revealed many of her secrets to us, but there is much more to be discovered through our 7 senses.

Albert Einstein once said, “The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is at the root of all true science. That deeply emotional conviction of the presence of a superior reasoning power which is revealed in the incomprehensible Universe is my idea of God.”

Let’s show our gratitude to Mother Earth by taking care of her. She has shared her radiance and abundance with us at this multi-sensory, multi-dimensional event for the over 200,000 years that we humans have been here as fellow attendees, and 7 + billion here to enjoy her, now.