You’re invited to attend liferedivined.com

Who: Maren Day Woods – Mum of 3 special young men- Harrison, Ethan & Jack; Event planner, Realtor, Home Stager, Feng Shui Practitioner,  Artist (writer, painter & jewelry maker) & Art Dealer

What: liferedivined.com is a new blog, but it’s also a shared experience, an event of sorts. It’s great for an event planner to have her own venue! There is a lot of negativity in the world, so I wanted to create a positive place where we can come together with the intentions of bringing our best self to the table to share what’s in our hearts and on our minds.

When: On Monday’s (every other from May through October) we will focus our attention on looking for all there is to celebrate about the present moment (it’s a gift!). I believe we always get what we’re looking for. When we look to see what’s right and good about ourselves, others and our circumstances we will see it 100% of the time. The opposite is also true.

Where:     www.liferedivined.com

Why: To smile, maybe laugh, feel affirmed, share stories and creative event planning strategies that you can apply to any event, including your life.

BYOU (bring you): Every moment is an invitation for you to show up to your life. When you allow your heart to lead, you will be guided from spirit, I refer to as our Divine Host (a.k.a. higher power/wise self). Mother nature is an awe-inspiring venue to help us stay fed, grounded, entertained, and protected.